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Many of our students after completeing the workshop have got recruited to different reputed institutes and are doing extremely well  even on their own, here are the views of few of them:-

Ms. Shipra

Presently working as Aerobic trainer in Motimahal,Mangalore

   Reg. no.-IAFTO10

Today I have become an aerobic trainer because of this course. I wish every  student must learn this. I am very gratefull to the academy and its faculty for shaping my career and increasing my confidence.

Mr. Dipen Soni

Ex Physiotherapist cum Aerobic and kick boxing trainer in Wellocity fitness centre (Ahmedabad). Presently working in Michigan, U.S.A.

Reg. no.-IAFTO21

This workshop is one of the finest thing that has happened to my career . it has shown me how wide is the scope of a physiotherapy  student when it comes to choosing a professions. Come my dear friends the whole fitness industry is waiting for you..


Presently working as Aerobic Instructor Trainer for the Corporate sector in Infosys Netra centre, Muddipu, Mangalore.

The best  thing that happened to us  was the Aerobic Instructor training course, now we can remain fit as well as earn through it  which is so important in our field.      


worked as physiotherapist cum aerobic trainer in Talwalkers (Mangalore) , Body Basic Gym, (Mangalore)

This workshop was very interesting and the way things were made easy for us to learn was fantastic. This has helped me  a lot.

Presently working as Fitness trainer in Talwalkar, Mulund, Mumbai. IAFT240

It is a fantastic career building course, an opportunity never to be missed ,  I recommend all my student friends please don’t miss such a chance at hand .

Dr. Sharayu Prabhu

presently working  as a free lancer fitness trainer in  Mumbai. IAFT237

One of the best training proggrammes  I have come across all my life,and I recommend all youngster to under go this training.


Presently working as Fitness trainer and Physiotherapist in New Delhi.

Regd. no.IAFT273

I strongly recommend and advise all my friends this institute because of its one to one teaching method which is unique, and also because it is very authentic,


Presently working as Physiotherapist and fitness trainer, Talwalkar, Mulund, Mumbai


I feel this course has been the greatest boost to  my career, and the kind  of help rendered even after completion of the course is very beneficial,

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