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Exercise for Vata Roga

Exercise for Vata Roga

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Exercise for Vata Roga

Vataroga is one of the three doshas in Ayurveda and it is characterized by a very light body. They tend to get stressed up, they tend to get worried. Irregular hunger, irregular digestion, and headaches are also widespread with them. The best thing today, which we are highlighting is what they should do for physical activity. They have short bursts of energy and tire very quickly. And that’s the reason why they would be very happy with light aerobics for half an hour. And along with that, they go very well with balancing exercises. Yoga, these are best thing for them. Remember, they have short bursts, but they will tire quickly. Don’t take them to the tiredness level, because if they reach that level, they will get the vata symptoms very quickly. Air conditioners avoid them. Cool temperatures on the outside avoid them. It’s best to work out inside, indoors. And along with that, it’s best to work out with group exercises. So if you feel, if you’re having a vasa dosha, your prescription is half an hour of low-intensity cardio balancing exercises, yoga, and, ah, a few shots of body weight training. That’s the best for me.

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