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Exercise for Pitta Roga

Exercise for Pitta Roga

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Exercise for Pitta Roga

Are you a pitta dosha person? How do you know? There are some simple, very simple methods to understand that. If you have a very strong hunger and digestion, if you get angry very quickly if you have a medium build. These are all signs of having a pitta nature. Pitta has agni in it, and Agni means fire. So that’s why they are aggressive. They will get angry very quickly. They are competitive. They have a tremendous fighting spirit. So remember, for fitness, there are certain specifications for them. They are competitive, but they hate losing. If you see some people getting very aggressive on their opponents, that’s a pitta person. I hope you remember some very famous boxers biting over the ears. These are signs of pitta. What do they do? Good with medium to low-intensity cardiovascular workouts. Remember, it should be continuous, not in breaks, because they hate stopping and then again losing. They are competitive, but they are competitive for themselves. So try and make their activities in graded methods. Let them compete with their results. That’s very important. They are visually stimulated. That’s why a walk in the garden is very beautiful for them. Remember their fire. So that’s one of the best things that you can do for them, is to give them a good swim. So you have an exercise prescription, a lovely cardio in the form of a brisk walk or a swim. And then get into some strength training regularly with your muscles. Remember, it should be continuous and it can be done under an air-conditioned environment or a cool temperature outside. That’s your prescription.

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