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Exercise for Kapha Roga

Exercise for Kapha Roga

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Exercise for Pitta Roga

Are you a kapha person? Kapha people, for those who are having, are naturally very strong, and well built, and they have a very strong tendency to do high-intensity workouts. How do you say that you are a kapha person? If you’re strongly built, you have frequent attacks of cold. These are common signs. You are tolerant and forgiving, and nature of hear and understand everyone very nicely. These are good signs of considering yourself as a kapha person. What do you do as a prescription for your fitness? Heavy high-intensity strength training. First choice second choice. You need to sweat hard. Remember, sweating throughout your body relieves kapha congestion from your body. And that’s why a combination of high-intensity cardio, good-quality strength training, and a lot of pranayam is the prescription for.

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