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What we offer

Indian Academy of Fitness Training is the best fitness academy  you can ever have. In the fitness field, what is tough is not always the best, rather what is easy to follow is the most successful. We are successful because we  do our job  of fitness training in the simplest possible method. Our methods are backed by strong qualification of our resource panel, and tremendous experience of our teachers, unparalleled in the history of fitness training. 

Aerobic Instructor training course/Basic Group Exercise Instructor training course

Course Duration – 60 Hours( Spanning Over 25 Days ).

Course Fees – Rs.4500/-

Materials Provided – Manual, C.d., Certificate And Transcript, Complementary Diet Charts.

Examinations – Two In Number One Theory And One Practical At The End Of The Teaching Programme.

Schedule Conducted Every Month


Inside Mangalore – Last Date Of Registration Is 15 Days Before The Commencement Of The Course.

Outside Mangalore – Last Date For Registration Is 30 Days Before The Commencement Of The Course.

The Most Successful Programme Of The Academy, It Involves Everything Required By A Group Exercise Instructor, Like Understanding A 32- Count Music, basic Lower Limb Moves And Basic Upper Limb Moves, cueing, Forming A Choreography, skills Of Leading A Class, Calisthenics, Dance Stretches. All These Things Are Divided Into Floor Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Cardio Kick Boxing, jazzercise Method, non Impact Aerobics(Nia Technique), And Finally Chair Aerobics.

Spinning/Indoor Cycling Instructor training

Course Duration – 10 Hours

Course Fees – Rs.1200/-

Materials Provided – Manual, Certificate And Transcript.

Examinations – Two In Number, One Is Theory ,and The Other One Is Practical Demonstration In Front Of The Examiners.

Schedule – Conducted Three Times A Year (January, April-may, October- November)

This Topic Covers The Various Requirements Of Spinning/indoor Cycling Like The Arrangement Of The Cycle, Basic Moves, Detailed Description Of A Fixed Gear And A Free Wheel Bike, complete Drills, safety Techniques, class Arrangements, Motivational Skills, various Types Of Choreographies.

Fitness- Diet and Nutrition

Total Duration – 25 Hours

Course Fees – Rs.2500/-

Materials Provided – Manual, numerous Exchange Lists, protein Punch, Vitamin Vitality, Diet Charts. Detailed Transcript, Certificate.

Course Schedule – Conducted Three Times A Year(January, April-may, October – November)

 This Topic Involves Heed Technique, sports And Fitness Nutrition In Detail, how To Increase Your Clients Performance And Endurance, fitness Diet Prescription, dietic Management Of Various Fitness Problems, Various Types Of Pyramids, An Overview Of Therapeutic Diet. 

Primary and Advanced Pilates Instructor Training  

Total Duration – 40 Hours

Course Fees – 4000/-

Materials Provided – Manual, transcript, certificate,

Examinations – One Theory And One Practical

This Component Of The Training Involves The Basic Principle Of The Pilates Technique, Followed By Mat Work-beginners, Intermediate, And Advanced, Class Formatting, various Apparatus Training In Pilates Like Ring, band, physio Ball, Mini Ball Pilates, clinical Aspects Of Pilates, instructor Skill Training Etc.

Advanced Fitness/Gym Instructor training

Total Duration – 125 Hours

Course Fees – 9000/-

Materials Provided – Five Certificates, Five Transcripts, Manual Of Each Course Covered Under This.

Examination – One Theory And One Practical.

This Is The Biggest Component Of The Whole Section, And Involves All The Four Courses Mentioned Above( E.g. Aerobics +spinning+ Fitness- Diet And Nutrition +primary And Advanced Pilates Instructor Training) + Advanced Band Training, Advanced Physio Ball Training, Advanced Medicine Ball Training, advanced Free Weight Training, advanced Plyometrics Training And For The First Time In India Flexibar Training And Many More Sections Involving More Than A Whooping 3500+ Moves!

This Section Involves Clinical Understanding Of Each Of The Above Formats.

Pre and Post natal Training

Total Duration – 25 Hours

Course Fees – 3000/-

Materials Provided – Manual, certificate.

Examination – One Practical And One Theory Components Of The Training.

-benefits Of Workout During Pregnancy
-exercise, Breast Feeding And Infant Growth
-aerobics For Expectant Mothers

Techniques floor Aerobics, Step Aerobics Chair Aerobics

Pilates In Pregnancy – Basics Techniques And Their Modifications Related To Pregnancy
Weight Training During Pregnancy – Techniques And Their Modifications Related To Pregnancy

Yoga During Pregnancy – Techniques And Their Modifications Related To Pregnancy

Dietetics During Pregnancy – The External/outstation Courses Conducted By The Academy In Various Other Cities(Other Than Mangalore) Of India Are Subject To Extra Organizational Cost And May Vary From The Above Mentioned Rates.


Greatest skill of a fitness trainer lies in the fact that how easy and safe he makes the whole training, and this is possible only by  those people who know the human body the  best.

Qualification of our resource panel proves it why we are the best in the game.


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